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President of Zhendong Health Industry Group 

        Reviewing more than 20 years development history of Zhendong group, we has experienced several Entrepreneurship - Development - Summary - development cycle.At  the very beginning of our Entrepreneurship, we cherish the ideal of "revitalization of the home, the revitalization of the East," getting through every kind of difficulties, constantly breaking through our own Strategic objectives we’ve set, while we growing stronger sanely, we still persue larger and wider development. This breakthrough comes not only from our clear understanding of future goals and tireless pursuit, but also from the responsibility to our society, our customer, our partner and our staff.



        Zhendong group always adhere to the six years' rolling  development planning rules of "planning for six years, three years of refinement, one year deployment” in the development process. This is the exactly scientific planning based on long-term development, can let us know the future. based on the present, we seize every opportunity in the fierce market competition, target our destination and put into practice, we will focus on the needs of health, to make health industry chain longer, and build Chinese health industry brand.


        As a Jin-Merchant in the new era, The spirit of Jin-Merchant of integrity, righteousness, pioneering quality has been very good inheritance in Zhendong group. while we growing stronger, we participate in public welfare charity actively, setting an example, waking up people’s love, promoting national virtue. For customers, No matter what areas you are in, we will uphold our spirit of the integrity, sunshine, dedication, enterprising and develop a sincere cooperation; for every staff in Zhendong, we provide a stage to display their talent actively and carry out quality training, improve staff’s quality and skills and we expect employees to grow with the business and head to success.


        Nowadays China is in an era of change, full of opportunities and challenges. In the future, we will seize every opportunity, continue learning, optimize the management, consolidate the development, provide professional services to our customers, and continue the good business performance return to shareholders. We will create greater glory with the persistent pursuit, fiery feelings, rigorous style, solid steps.  we will still bravely undertake social responsibilities of "rich with people, prosper with family, strong with country" like we always do in the past.

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