Zhendong Health Industry Group has always been concern about and support to undertake the social welfare since its start, we take public welfare as a habit and contribute our energy to social as much as we can. The board of directors of the group and President Li Anping make an solemn commitment to the society, we will donate 10% of a year's profit to social welfare and charity, setting up "three group legal days(Poverty Alleviation Day, The Winter Aid Day, Fealty Day), one fund for staffs' parents and an Angel Love Foundation". For all this years, we invested over 100 million yuan to Local place on science, education, culture, health, charity, thousands of people have accept the aid.


Poverty Alleviation Day: Poverty Alleviation Day is set especially for the need of those college students who can't afford to go to school. We set the last Sunday of August as the "Poverty alleviation day" every year, in order to help those college students who can’t afford to go to university because of family difficulties, so that they can enrolled successfully, and fulfilling their studying dream.  Students can obtain cash assistance from 3000 to 10000 yuan in the whole studying process in university. Up to now, the day has been held sixteen times in sixteen years, donated about 90000000 yuan to help more than 7700 students fulfill their studying dream. What makes us really proud is that 135 aided students who has just participate in the work donate their first month salary to the love angel charity fund.


The Winter Aid Day: is a group legal day to help widows, the disabled and other vulnerable groups. We define the "inter solstice day" as the "winter aid day". We deliver the Relief Fund and rice, flour, edible oil, clothing and other items required for the winter to the vulnerable groups. Not only that, Every top manager and middle manager in Zhendong has an specific orphan to assist, taking responsible for their development and education, in order to help them feel the parents love. We deliver relief fund and items to more than 120 orphans, 1500 elderly families every year.  The total is about 60000000 yuan.


Fealty day: is a group legal day set for the hometown elderly who is over 60 years old. From 1993 onwards, every year on the twelfth lunar month twenty-three year, Zhendong will deliver rice, flour, clothes and other necessities in life to over 60 years old people in town and more than 1100 households village resident.  Up to now, a total payment is 10 million 920 thousand yuan.


JingXiaoJin:  Every group staff whose parents are not in the same city will enjoy the "Zhendong Jing Xiaojin". Zhendong distribute 200 million yuan per year monthly to staffs’ parents who is not in the same city, Up to now, a total payment is 18 million yuan.


Angle Love foundation: For the impoverished disabled especially. In 2006, Zhendong launched the angle love foundation invested by Zhendong, company staff and doctors. The purpose is to help the disabled, and we set up a special fund in Beijing, funding for poor patients. In past 10 years, Zhendong group has donated more than 2100 yuan, and help more than 4500 poor patients.


Glorious Cause: The cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs is to help farmers to get rich. Zhendong traditional Chinese medicine company, long-term zero profit helping farmers to develop the medicinal herbs cultivation industry with the operation mood of "company + government + economic cooperatives + farmers". Now we've built 500 thousand acres of modern Chinese herbal medicine planting base in Hunyuan, Pingshun, Wuxiang, Tunliu, Xiangyuan and other places, and led more than 20000 farmers' increase their income.


Build Hometown: In order to change the poor scene of hometown, Zhendong has invested 3 million 500 thousand yuan to build the asphalt road, the main street in village, and get the streets hardening, plant trees; and invested 600 thousand yuan to solve power grids, the whole village more than 800 households of more than 3500 people benefit from that; and invested 1 million 300 thousand yuan for the hometown to dig well and completed the installation of tap water; invested 3 million 100 thousand yuan to build the activity center for the elderly and nursing homes; invest 5 million yuan to build a township hospital.


In addition, in the South snowstorm hit 2008, Zhendong donated 530 thousand yuan; the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Zhendong donated about 10000000 yuan urgently needed medicines for the disaster area by renting two aircrafts, our employees has donated 300 thousand milliliters of blood and about 1200000 yuan, and donated 580 thousand yuan to 87 Changzhi Medical College students who is from Sichuan in the same time. In addition, Zhendong also decided to support the enrolled 11 students of Changzhi Medical College in the disaster stricken area, donated 8000 yuan per student per year until their graduation, two donations totaling 1 million 20 thousand yuan; after the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai 2010, the team went to Trinidad Zhendong organized the truck team heading to the disaster area and donated emergency medicine worthing 5 million 80 thousand yuan to the first-line in the first time, the employee donated more than 90 yuan voluntary. The 2013 earthquake in Ya'an Lushan County, Zhendong employees raise money for the disaster area about 2000000 yuan within one day. At the same time, Zhendong donated more than 5 million yuan drugs to the disaster area.

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