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Chinese medicine "marathon" starting

June 15th,The Shangdang Red International Marathon opened with enthusiasm,at the same time,The theme and development trend of the traditional Chinese medicine decoction piece industry led by Dean Zhao Jianping of Shanxi Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine was held in Zhendong Health Industry Group. More than 20 dean of Chinese medicine hospitals from Shanxi Province participated.

Who has the right to speak Chinese medicine?

June 1,Industry and information technology department released “The most technologically innovative Chinese medicine company in 2018” list,10 companies including Shanxi Zhendong Group, Kangenbei Group and Taiji Group won the 2018 most technologically innovative Chinese medicine enterprises.

Zhendong nurtures farmers in Shanxi

Shanxi-based pharmaceutical preparation company Zhendong Group is furthering its poverty alleviation effortsby setting up a plantation basefor traditional Chinese medicine plants in Pingshun County, Shanxi province.

Social Responsibility Report 2016 Shanxi Zhendong Health Industry Group

Social Responsibility Report 2016 Shanxi Zhendong Health Industry Group

Revist the classic traveling thousands of the Tea Road

In June 7th, Shanxi Province, thousands of enterprises to help thousands of villages "and" industrial poverty alleviation projects to observe Chongzou Shanxi miles Tea Road to Shangdang activities into the study group, Zhendong health industry group visit, Federation vice president Lang Baoshan, Changzhi Municipal Committee, United Front minister Liu Zhuo Liang, Changzhi county Party Secretary Pei Shaofei, mayor Wang Xianmin and other leaders at all levels and all entrepreneurs to participate, C

Explore the international road of traditional Chinese Medicine

During 19 September - 22 days, Shanxi Zhendong health industry group president Li Anping in Australia, visited the Consulate General of Chinese Embassy in Perth, the Consulate General of Sydney, Adelaide University, Flinders University, RMIT University, Australia, the Melbourne administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the Consul General of Chinese Embassy in Melbourn...

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