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Zhendong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd does its own research and development, drug manufacturing, and product marketing, which is belonged to top 100 companies of China pharmindustry. Zhendong has 10 subsidiary companies: Chinese herbal medicine development Company Beijing Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Zhendong, Tai Seng, Ante, Kaiyuan, Kangyuan, Zhendong medical trade group, Zhendong Biotech, Zhendong Logistics. Products of Zhendong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd includes: cancer drugs, cardiovascular drugs, infectious disease drugs, and respiratory drugs, with eleven formulations, 615 registered final products , and 56 production lines. There are more than 5,000  employees in the company and exceed two hundred have earned Master's and PhD Degrees. More than 60% of the employees have received the higher education. 


Taiseng Pharmaceutical

Taiseng Pharmaceutical is a whollyowned subsidiary of Zhendong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, national hightech enterprise. The company covers an area of 41000 square meters. It has 7 workshops and 14 production lines, which are all passed the new,GMP certification. The lyophilized powder production line is China’s largest one with best technology in this field. It has 241 national drug registration approvals. Drug category mainly involves antibiotics, cardiocerebrovascular, antitumor, vitamins, etc. The company can produce active pharmaceutical ingredients, large volume injections, small volume injections, powderinjections, lyophilized powder, tablets, hard capsules, granules, dry suspensions, ointments, psychotropic substances and other formulations.The products are sold in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China.


ZhenDong Pharmaceutical

ZhenDong Pharmaceutical mainly produce anti-tumor products. Compound Kushen injection is the core drug, and its commodity name is YANShU. In addition, the Company is building the tablet production line, the production scale is 10 billion pieces tablets per year, which is currently preparing for the EU certification.



Kaiyuan Pharmaceutical

Kaiyuan Pharmaceutical focused on Chinese herbal medicine production, involves 5 formulations, 21 series and 87 varieties of Chinese medicines, such as pills, tablets, capsules, powders, granulation.The company has 20 patents, and "Taihang mountain" trademark is a famous brand in Shanxi Province.



Beijing Kangyuan Pharmaceutical

Beijing Kangyuan Pharmaceutical company is one of the biggest calcium preparation manufacturing enterprise.It is the leader of calcium preparation research and development with its production "Langdi" as the first brand of domestic calcium supplements.



Ante Pharmaceutical

Ante Pharmaceutical is a high-tech enterprise, the main business is selling gastrointestinal drugs, involving five product lines such as heart brain, nerve, topical, traditional Chinese medicine.etc. "Ante" and "Ruijian" were rated as famous brands in Shanxi Province; "Balsalazide sodium tablets" has filled the gaps in the medicine field of ulcerative colitis and has won for Torch Plan Project.

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