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Chinese medicine "marathon" starting

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June 15th,The Shangdang Red International Marathon opened with enthusiasm,at the same time,The theme and development trend of the traditional Chinese medicine decoction piece industry led by Dean Zhao Jianping of Shanxi Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine was held in Zhendong Health Industry Group. More than 20 dean of Chinese medicine hospitals from Shanxi Province participated.


meeting venue

Dean Zhao Jianping, as an expert enjoying special allowances from the State Council, a provincial-level candidate for 333 outstanding talent projects, and an academic and technical leader in Shanxi Province, made a wonderful sharing of the development history and current situation of Shanxi Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.


Dean Zhao Jianping host a meeting

Chairman of the Zhendong Group Li Anping introduced the transformation process, scientific research development and industrial poverty alleviation of Zhendong, and fully expressed the strong attention and love of Zhendong people to the Chinese medicine industry. Subsequently, Director Wang Shiwei and Dean Tian Jianfeng from the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine gave detailed explanations on the application status, industry problems and development strategies of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces.


Chairman Li Anping's speech


Director Wang Shiwei's analysis of the Chinese medicine decoction piece industry


Dean Tian Jianfeng’s speech


Hospital preparation research strategy cooperation signing ceremony

In the interactive discussion, the experts expressed their opinions and discussed the shortcomings in the development of medical institutions at all levels in Shanxi Province and the current opportunities for industry development. They all said: "Revitalizing the Chinese medicine industry is a national mission. Today, despite many difficulties, However, with the successive introduction of relevant policies on Chinese medicine support, we have also ushered in great development opportunities. Only by giving full play to the characteristics of Chinese medicine and adapting to the development mode can we jointly promote the revitalization and development of the Chinese medicine industry."

After the meeting, everyone went to Zhendong Science and Technology Park and visited the Zhendong Science and Technology Center, the Chinese medicine decoction piece production workshop, and the smooth Chinese herbal medicine planting and processing warehouse.


Everyone expressed their strong recognition of Zhendong’s outstanding achievements in the Chinese medicine industry. At the same time, it also hopes that Zhendong people will not forget their initial intentions and their mission, fully exert their unique advantages, and vigorously promote the healthy development of the province’s traditional Chinese medicine industry. The business is carried forward!

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