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Zhendong Group Trailer

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Zhendong Group Trailer

  Zhendong Group is a health industry group which covers five areas—like “oil selling, Chinese and Western pharmaceutical, functional foods, agricultural development, and cultural tourism”—and owns 32 subsidiary companies. It was successively awarded the “National May 1st Labor Award”, the National “Double love double assessment” advanced unit, the “Advanced Unit for the Construction of Modern Technology Industrial Base of Chinese Medicine” and so on. Since the establishment of Zhendong Group in 1993, people in the company, who adhered to the development rule of “two steps forward and one step back”, has given priority to the development of newly rising competitive industries. They made great efforts to innovate business management, and developed the two management resources of “Procedure Personal Work” and “Process Job Management” that can meet the demands of the company. They built a special culture that centers on the philosophy of being “vigorous, trustworthy, friendly, simple and responsible”. What’s more, they also followed the principle of “Gaining wealth with the people, being prosperous with the household, and getting strong with the country”, actively assumed social responsibilities, and invested for the social charity undertaking of over than a hundred million. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the Group will, by continuing to take “the building of a competitive Zhendong and revitalizing the glory of Shanxi businessman” as its job and the areas of “functional foods, health-oriented products and pharmaceuticals” as the strategic objectives, strive to build the Zhendong Group into a company with a ten billion capital, help it achieve a leap-forward development, and try to become the top brand of Chinese medicine and health industry.

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