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Guanxinning injection

Product Description

Drug names

Generic Name: Guanxinning injection

Chinese Spelling: Guanxinning zhusheye


Radix et rhizoma salvia miltiorrhiza, rhizoma ligusticum

Inactive ingredients: sodium bisulfite

DescriptionRed brown clear liquid.

Functions and Indications

Promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, nourishing heart by invigorating pulse.Be indicated for CHD (coronary heart disease), angina pectoris.


Usage and Dosage

Intramuscular injection: 2ml, 1-2 times daily.Intravenous drip: the dose is 10-20ml given as a single dose, that add this product into 500ml glucose injection (5%) once daily.

Adverse ReactionsTo lead to urticaria or wheal on occasion. Angioneurotic edema; Allergic asthma.

ContraindicationsThis product is contraindicated in those patients who have shown hypersensitivity to it.


This product is not with other drugs mixed in the same container.

This product is pure Chinese herbal medicine product. Keep improper may affect the quality of products.

The drug was found in the phenomenon such as precipitation, turbid, discoloration, air leakage and so on, there can not be used.


StoragePreserve in tightly closed containers, protected from light. (10-30).

PackagesAmpoules. 6pieces / box.

Validity24 months


Approval numberZ14020747

ManufacturerShanxi Zhendong Taisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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